Be strong when you have every reason to be weak

Stephanie Ma, Staff Writer, The Rocket Press

For the first entire month of this school year, I thought I had bitten off more than I could chew. Balancing my recently reduced 10-hour workweek (thank GOD) with my poor time management skills and AP Calc, Physics, Robotics, Scholar’s Bowl, StuCo, Newspaper, and Debate was a struggle. I regret not scheduling a free hour during my school day, to say the least. I’ve wanted to drop some classes and clubs ever since I joined, but I’m just too tired to follow through. I’m so exhausted, I can’t even trust myself to nap anymore because I know I’ll just call it a day and pass out.   


All in all, it’s been worth the stress. Sure, I say some really depressing things sometimes because it feels like each moment of my life serves to remind me of how awful I am at everything I do, but this constant strain has been surprisingly helpful. It’s developed my character more than anything else I’ve done my entire life. I guess it really does take this almost overwhelming amount of responsibility to mature someone like me. 


Some days give me massive headaches, but after 17 years of straight up ignoring most aspects of my life, this taste of adult-ing’s refreshing as peach ice tea (for now). I may feel dead inside, but I know that I’ve just started to live. This zest for life that I’ve just started to feel is truly worth a lifetime of headaches.    


So for those who can’t ever catch a break, I give you the advice that I can’t thank my brother enough for giving me: Be strong when you have every reason to be weak.