Goodbye Rocket Productions


Writing isn’t something I ever really thought about doing for fun. I didn’t give it much thought before I joined News Mag. It was more of just doing it whenever I needed to for an assignment. Now, I have more of an appreciation for writing and journalism as a whole, and I realize how much more goes into it than I originally thought. 

And that’s all thanks to my time in Rocket Productions. 

I didn’t actually take News Mag until my sophomore year. I did have a class with Mr. Browning my freshman year when I took Photo Imaging, which is how I got to know him a little bit. That class wasn’t my personal favorite, although I did really enjoy having Browning as a teacher. 

So, when Rocket Productions Hall of Famer, Sydney LaKous, was trying to convince me to take news mag the following year, I thought it could be a pretty good time. And after being in the class for the last three years, I can confidently say that I was not let down.

Coming into the class my sophomore year, I was a little nervous and unsure when I was assigned my first story, but Browning and the other writers made me feel welcome and gave me good advice along the way. They helped me, and have continued to help me learn the skills needed to become a writer and contribute to the bigger picture, which in our case, is Rocket Productions.

Not only have I learned some of the aspects of journalism, but I have also gained some pretty great friendships with other students and also with Browning. I think finding out we both shared a love for KU basketball might have had something to do with it. 

In all seriousness though, I have definitely had a great time being in Browning’s class. He has always made it fun for me, even when I was first starting out and didn’t know that many people. I honestly wish that I would have been a part of Rocket Productions all four of my high school years, but I’m just happy that I joined it in the first place. I have been in and heard many hilarious conversations in his classroom, and there have also been some deep and sincere talks as well. I always looked forward to going because I never knew what we would talk about each day.

Looking back, I can’t believe how fast the time I spent in news mag has gone. Shout out to Sydney for convincing me to join and try something different, because it for sure became one of my favorite classes. Mr. Browning, thank you for being a great teacher and for making the school day a little more bearable. And of course, thank you for the many, many KU talks and updates. It’s looking good this year.