Enrollment, diversity increasing at high school

The enrollment at Rose Hill High School has been diverse in recent years. The change has also led towards a difference in diversity at the high school. 

Last year there were 468 students at the high school, and this year there are 490 students in the building. One reason for the increase in enrollment is due to the freshmen and sophomore classes. The upcoming freshman and sophomore classes are larger than this year’s junior and senior classes. 

However, enrollment for each individual class has not changed too much. The senior class currently has 104 students this year, versus last year when they had 105 students. One of the biggest benefits of increased enrollment is more funding for the district. 

Assistant Principal Aaron Jackson believes that the enrollment will increase again next year. 

“Our enrollment at the high should increase again next year,” Jackson said. “Our senior class is smaller than the incoming freshmen class next year. After that the enrollment will be fairly stable for a couple of years.”

Diversity within the building has changed due to the increase in numbers.  One of the reasons for this change has been the change of diversity within Kansas. Thus this has led to local communities and schools experiencing more diversity. Enrollment and the diversity will continue to change within the district in the coming years. 

“It’s good for the school community to be diverse because our society is diverse,” said Jackson.