From Rose Hill to the For You Page


Throughout the years there have been several Rose Hill High School graduates who were involved in Rocket Productions, and who are now currently pursuing big careers. One of these graduates is Koby Campell.

Campbell graduated from RHHS in 2020. He was involved in Rocket Productions for about two of his high school years. 

During that time, he created and hosted his own sports show called “Are You Serious” and occasionally helped out with another show called Fake News. Now, Koby is currently attending Kansas Wesleyan University and has had several production opportunities since being there. 

“I have had my own radio show, I currently have my own podcast which I’m able to record in a professional podcast studio,” Campbell said. “I take photos for some of the KWU athletics, I have helped with news shows both on camera and working with the telecaster. All things that I had some previous experience with through Rocket Productions.”

Campbell learned many skills in Rocket Productions that have helped him with the area of communications in college.

“I learned how to speak and act in front of a camera,” Campbell said. “How to read off a teleprompter, conduct an interview for a press story, and commentate a sports game from both a color and play-by-play standpoint. I learned how to write a script for a show which has helped me in planning out my podcasts that I do.

As far as production classes Campbell has taken in college, his list is not very short. So far he has taken Media Productions 1 and 2, Digital Productions 1 and 2, Human Communication, Publications: Digital Media, Media Law and Management, The Film, Visual Communication, and Foundation of Graphic Applications.

“I’ve tried to take advantage of taking all the production classes I can,” said Campbell.

Beyond college, Campbell already has a good idea of what he wants to do for a career.

“I’ve been blessed enough to have a platform on social media and to now be employed by companies like SLAM Magazine and RapTV,” Campbell said. “So I would like to continue down that road on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and whatever else opportunity I’m able to take advantage of. I use the skills I’ve learned, however I still like learning how to talk in front of the camera, how to edit videos, communicate with other people and so many more from all the classes I’ve taken.”