Baseball, softball get new uniforms


This year the Rocket softball and baseball teams got updated looks. They both acquired new and improved uniforms for the 2023 season for their teams.

Softball head coach, Brooke Huemann, was excited to get a fresh new look after having the same uniforms for many consecutive years.

“Our current uniforms were 12 years old,” Huemann said. “I believe we are on a four to five year rotation,” Huemann said.

When it came to the design and details that were put into the jerseys, Huemann had the chance to bring some of her ideas to life. She sat down with Rose Hill’s Athletic Director, Jim Linot, to brainstorm the vision she was going for.

“I sat down with Mr. Linot and we did some mock-ups,” Huemann said.

Baseball head coach, Scott Carr, also went through the same process of creating the best jerseys for his team. Carr was able to purchase new white tops for his team through his baseball program.

“I wanted them to have white tops for their home games,” Carr said. “The tops are the same as the red and gray that we’ve purchased over the past four seasons. The kids like them because they are lightweight and for me are priced right and are durable.”

When a design comes into play, Carr has been creating his own jerseys since 2008 while also getting opinions from the upperclassmen on the team. This year, he took inspiration from the old jerseys when he was younger.

“When it comes to the color scheme, it goes back to when I played sports in Rose Hill,” Carr said.

Since Carr likes to update almost every three years, the cost is an important factor when it comes to buying new uniforms for his teams. In order to raise funds for these expenses, Carr has players and parents help fundraise at the beginning of the season in order to not only buy jerseys but also the necessary equipment.

“Like everything, our program purchases everything in bulk (pants, hats, hoodies, short and long sleeve shirts, socks, and belts) to keep costs down for parents and players,” Carr said.