Every Man a Wildcat


Lathe Cobb graduated from Rose Hill High School in 2019. After high school, he went to Kansas State University with a major in Journalism and Mass Communications. 

Cobb has been busy since graduating high school. He worked for Butler Community College athletic department doing photography, social media, and broadcasting. 

He then went on to work at Kansas State as a sports photographer. Just this past summer he has worked for the Wichita Wind Surge, a minor league baseball team as their Social Media and Graphic Design intern. 

Taking Rose Hill’s production classes helped him have the upper hand amongst his peers.

“I have come to find that no other school really prepares their students like Rose Hill did with Rocket Productions,” Cobb said. “Though it didn’t teach me much of the skills I use currently, what it did do was set me up to be successful and have the upper hand to take me further in this career path. Rocket Productions also helped me find what I wanted to do at an earlier stage than most people.”

Although many of the skills he was taught in Rocket Productions are not used in his day-to-day life, it did set him up to be successful in this career path. 

“Rocket Productions gave me an intro to writing, photo, video, editing and personable skills,” Cobb said. “Those have grown to be much more but to reiterate, those skills gained with Rocket Productions were more than most had out of high school.”

 While he was in Rocket Productions he contributed to Channel 7 News and was one of the Co-Creators on the show “Are You Serious.” He also contributed to The Rocket Press by writing for the high school news magazine.  

After college, Cobb hopes to work at a power 5 college, which is high-end Division I. While he would prefer to be a sports photographer, he also wouldn’t mind doing sports social media.