Let’s Take a Look at the Forecast


Cat Taylor had been interested in meteorology since she was three years old when the 1991 Andover tornado destroyed the town. 

Throughout her time at Rose Hill High School, Taylor was always interested in meteorology. Once she graduated in 2007, she decided to pursue it as a career.

Taylor’s first meteorology job was in Sioux City, Iowa from 2015 to 2017. Then she worked for KAKE News as a weekend meteorologist. She then left for an opportunity to advance her career as the Chief Meteorologist for CBS and FOX at Siouxland News in Sioux City, Iowa.

“I was scared of bad weather until my mother pushed me to learn about it through books and documentaries,” Taylor said. “I was obsessed with weather after that.” 

 “I’m the first female Chief Meteorologist here in this television market. Believe it or not, only eight percent of Chief Meteorologists are female, nationally.”

Classes that were important for Taylor to take in high school to get her to where she is now were lots of math classes. 

“Meteorology is very math-heavy.” said Taylor, “We are basically engineers in fluid dynamics that predict the future”

She did not take any journalism or speech classes because she was not sure about going into TV early in school. 

“That’s something I wish I did have before starting this career path,” Taylor said.

She gathered a lot of internships before she started in her career and that is how she got most of her experience. 

“I interned at KSN in Wichita with Dave Freeman while I was in high school and with Bryan Busby at KMBC in college,” Taylor said.

“I had lots of practice giving speeches through the Miss Kansas program when I was Miss Rose Hill in 2011 and was awarded first runner-up at Miss Kansas in Pratt.”